Asylum Law – Laws concerning foreigners and Migration Law

Especially in asylum law, laws concerning foreigners and migration law, it is important that you feel understood and valued. As a refugee the feeling of uncertainty is an extreme stressor. Due to the high empathy of the law office, such a situation can be picked up legally and humanly. Because of our trauma expertise, we know how you feel and can stabilize you.

In addition, we speak a lot of languages, like Turkish, English, Dari, Italian and French. We can help you in your native language.

If you don’t’ speak one of these languages or German, please bring a translator with you to your appointment in the law office.

In asylum law, the law office offers you support with the following sectors:

  • asylum procedure
  • refugee status, subsidiary protection
  • social help (asylum seeker assistance)
  • naturalisation
  • visa (self-employment, employment, study, family reunion)
  • residence permit
  • EU Blue Card
  • settlement permit
  • approval of an employment
  • family reunion
  • autonomous right of residence after a separation or divorce
  • enforcement of obstacles to deportation

We want to support all, who need help!

Feel free to contact us non-binding, so that we can work together on an individual budget solution.